PPE Inspection

PPE Inspection

PPE Inspection

What is the inspection process of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

In addition to the verification before each use, an thorough inspection of your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be carried out by a competent person.The frequency of the thorough inspection must be governed by applicable legislation, and the type and intensity of use. We recommend an inspection to be made at least once every 12 months.
To help maintain product traceability, do not remove any markings or labels.

SOLO is also offering PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) inspection services, as well as training courses in which you can gain the relevant expertise and become an competent person for PPE Inspection.

Such inspections must be planned in advance and depend on the type and number of items. We would therefore be happy to draw up an individual quotation for you on request. The inspections could be carried out at our training center or at the clients location.

If you scheduled a course with us and also need your equipment inspected, you can bring it with you at the course and we will inspect it while you are doing the course.

Competent person for periodic inspection of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

A person who is aware of current requirements for periodic inspection, of the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

  1. This person shall identify defects and assess their severity, shall initiate corrective action and have the capacity and necessary resources.
  2. It may be necessary for the competent person to receive a specific training from the producer or from his representative on specific PPEs or other equipment, for instance due to their complexity or innovative nature, or where it is fundamental to have technical understanding for their disassembly and re-assembly or for their assessment.
  3. A person may be competent to carry out periodic inspections on a particular model of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or other equipment or competent to inspect several different models.

We can offer annual PPE inspections for:

-Petzl equipment

-Singing Rock equipment

-Skylotec equipment

-Mittlemann devices

-IKAR auto-retractables


Please feel free to contact us for more details:

Alexandru Kantor

Training manager and PPE inspector

Tel: +40 760 692 277

Mob: +40 744 755 391

Email: training@e-solo.ro