Meet the team!

Tiberiu Kantor - General Manager

IRATA Assessor, experience of over 20 years in training and services

Alex Kantor - Training Manager

IRATA Instructor, 9 years of experience

Ana Kantor - Training Administrator

Main contact for your questions

Mihai Olaru - Operational Manager

Civil Engineer - 20 years experience

Stefan "Pisti" Kantor - Team Leader

Rigger - 21 years experience

Andrei Kantor - Lead Instructor

IRATA Instructor, 9 years of experience

Catalin "Chelu" Ailinca - Trainer

IRATA Instructor, 5 years of experience

Sorin "Ciri" Ciribasa - Trainer

Trainer, 4 years experience

Mihai Chivu - Trainer

IRATA Instructor, 5 years of experience

About SOLO

SOLO is the first rope access company in south-eastern Europe. Founded in 1992 by Tiberiu Kantor, the company evolved through the volume of it’s services, the number of technicians and most importantly through it’s techniques in providing rope access services

Maintenance and civil constructions were the first services provided by SOLO, in the next few years the company developed a new system of building telecommunication towers which offered a quick solution compared to traditional methods which required cranes and even helicopters in remote areas. While telecommunication networks were expanding SOLO built hundreds of telecommunication towers using rope access methods.

Next step was lifting heavy telecommunication equipments in urban areas, same as in the tower business we reached hundreds of lifted equipments.

Right now our main activities are in the oil and gas industry where we perform non-destructive testing (NDT), blasting and painting, steelwork and subcontracting manpower.

All SOLO technicians are IRATA and ANC (Romanian Rope Access) certified and have extended experience in all areas of working at height.